Rambo III
By Ocean
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #87

Rambo III

You've got a bit of a problem of repetition when you commit yourself to producing games based on big film licences which is what people like Ocean have done. All the suitable famous actor action computer games, which nine times out of ten means scrolling shoot-'em-up. So here - surprise, surprise - we have a little squat Sly sprite (again!) and a product that, if nothing else, is nowhere near as dire as that awful movie it's based on.

The first mission you undertake is a Gauntlet-style arcade adventure, with screens flipping rather than scrolling. Seen from an odd not-quite-straight-down angle, John Rambo and pesky ruskies alike look like tiny little shambling male members rushing around the screen. You are trying to rescue your idiot colonel who has got himself captured in Afghanistan, but in the meantime you get to let free lots of rebel prisoners and shoot lots of folk. Plenty of useful stuff to collect for later on around this level - like keys, rubber gloves, infra-red goggles and so on - as well as a rather tricky and frustrating problem: how to get past the one electrified door. Now the rubber gloves may have had something to do with it, but we at C&VG eventually found an all-but-invisible lever on the wall of one of the rooms, which suddenly makes the th

Matt Bielby

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