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Computer Gamer

By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #11


You are John Rambo and your mission is to obtain evidence that American soldiers are being held captive in the Vietnamese jungle.

You are dropped to the south of the suspected camp, and have to fight your way through the jungle past enemy guards. Your CO's orders are quite precise, don't engage the enemy and don't attempt a rescue. You disobey the first of these orders when you cut down your first victim. The second goes as well when you find your old buddy tied to a bamboo cross in the POW camp.

You start your mission with three weapons, a self-repeating knife and a normal and explosive arrows. On your route, you will also find a machine gun and a box of grenades.

It's best to start with one of the silent weapons or you'll be swamped and your mission will end.

Your choice of weapons is displayed at the bottom of the screen which overlays part of the jungle scene.

According to the packaging, the game includes a million square feet of jungle (to scale) but most of the action takes place around the POW camp.

Once you've found a way into the camp, past the barbed wire and gun towers, you must cut your buddy free then escape to a helicopter north of the camp then return as a hero to rescue the others.

Unfortunately, up to now, each time I've returned to die like a hero. But after a quick pause for a dead hero another Rambo lookalike is ready to take his place.

Having played Who Dares Wins and Commando before reviewing this game I was expecting just more of the same but the choice of weapons and the scenario of rescuing prisoners rather than just fighting through screens makes Rambo the tough-guy of this new type of shoot-'em-up games.