Rally Driver

Publisher: Hill MacGibbon
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #40

Rally Driver

There are loads of motor-racing simulations around right now - but as far as I know no-one has come up with a decent rally-driving game - until now that is.

Rally Driver from Hill MacGibbon is an effective and realistic simulation of competing in a motor rally.

You have three "stages" of courses to race over. You must successfully complete one to qualify for the next.

Rally Driver

The packaging comes complete with an instruction book outlining the rules of rallying and a map showing the roads which comprise each "stage".

Each "stage" has to be completed within a certain time limit - if you go over that time then you will have to make another attempt at driving over the "stage".

There are several different routes to take in each "stage" - you have to pick the fastest. You must drive your car through several time-controls in the correct order whatever route you take otherwise you just won't qualify for the next "stage". Each "stage" is larger than the first and more complex - just like the real thing!

Rally Driver

The screen display shows your view through the windscreen of the passing scenery - road junctions, trees, houses, etc. Instrumentation is fairly simple. There's an old fashioned speedometer, a clock to show you the time taken on the "stage" and an indicator which shows if the hand brake is on or not. Pretty basic, you'll agree.

In the corner of the dashboard you'll see the steering wheel moving around as you steer.

There are also road reports flashed up at the bottom of the screen when you pass through time controls.

Rally Driver

There's a leaderboard display which comes up at the start of each game and between stages to show you your progress in the rally - if you manage to get through the first stage!

Rally Driver is an addictive and challenging game - for those of you who enjoy racing games and fancy one with a difference.

You also have to act as navigator and driver, which adds to the challenge and gives a strategy element to the game.

Graphics are simple, but adequate and the sound isn't bad for the Spectrum. A great game for car freaks.