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Raiders Of The Lost Ring
By Arcade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #47

Raiders of The Lost Ring

IS THE THOUGHT of searching for a misplaced ark too much? How about starting with something smaller, like a £1 coin or a contact lens? Or how about a ring? And why not change your name to California Smith while you're at it, because you wouldn't like to infringe anybody's copyright, would you?

This game proved very difficult to load but, unfortunately, eventually it did, to reveal a jungle landscape filled with falling apples, nasty natives with deadly arrows, vines to swing on and a key to collect. Quite why you should need a key in the jungle is a puzzle but let that pass.

To achieve that end you are given 24 lives but an amount of energy which wanes even as you stand. Fairly accurate timing is called for but a bit of practice will get you into the next screen which adds deadly bushes, a rabid sheep - probably intended as something slightly more ferocious - and a black blob which throws fireballs at you. Oh yes, and there's another key.

No Harrison Ford, your tiny hero - more a Harrison C5 - though he does have the useful ability to stand in mid air. Perhaps he was having trouble seeing where the branches finished, the pink-on-cyan colour scheme being delightfully Habitat but less than clear. Another novel feature is that if you hit 'Jump' immediately after 'Forward' you leap forward instead of straight up. making accurate timing difficult.

The minimal instructions claim "about 50" screens but I've no desire to find out, as each one repeats the same elements, although there is the promise of shooting on later screens. If you are looking for some mindless sub-arcade game at a budget price this might suffice, but as it's selling for the price of far superior programs, leave well alone.

Jerry Muir

Publisher: Arcade Systems Programmer: Mats Emilson Price: £5.95 Memory: 48K Joystick: Not stated


Jerry Muir