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Gumboot Software

By Gumboot Software
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum January/February 1985

This adventure is a must for everyone who likes a challenge and enjoys using their imagination and logic to the limit. I can't tell you how to get from your left-raft to the beach as there is a prize for the first person to complete the adventure without help. But, once on the itself there is a maze which in itself takes a lot of patience to find your way through. There is also a village, swamp, jungle and mountains. Hiding somewhere secret is the transmitter which holds the key to the game.

I have got as far as getting in touch with the rescue boat, but for some reason can't be rescued. According to the Mad Adventurer I have nearly completed my journey but I did ask for help. I found over seventy first words so allow yourself time to take up the challenge. It runs on any Colour Genie, and is available from D. Doohan, 46 Highbury Avenue, Bulwell, Nottingham for just £4.00, as is Camelot.

Barbara Hadley

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