ZX Computing

QL Hyperdrive

Publisher: English
Machine: Sinclair QL

Published in ZX Computing #22

QL Hyperdrive

This is the sort of game where you have to imagine you are a Formula 1 racing car driver and you have to dodge past each car to get into a suitable position (i.e. 1-5) to get to the next stage. There are five stages and each one is more difficult than the last.

The hi-res 3D graphics are very good, flicker free and look very realistic with good use of colour. The sound is also very realistic, and gives you the feeling that you are actually driving.

It is fairly easy to backup onto disk with the Sinclair utility disk supplied with their drive and, if you know a little about programming, to another microdrive. There is no backup program on the cartridge itself though.

Playing the game is fairly straightforward, all you have are four controls: left, right, accelerate and declerate, using the cursor keys. It is up to you what speed you go, but the slower you go the less likely you are to get onto the next stage and the faster you go the harder it is not to crash.

The game is presented very well and displays the instructions on which keys to use, it also demonstrates parts of each stage. It comes in a wallet-type case with space for another microdrive cartridge. There is a high score routine which displays the highest score but there is no hall of fame.

Overall this is a very good game and is very good value for £14.95 considering that English Software provide a lifetime guarantee on all their games.