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Pro Go-Kart Simulator
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #108

Pro Go-Kart Simulator

Burn along to three test tracks and race *your* Go-Kart against four of the craziest Go-Karting enthusiasts ever to hit the face of the Earth. Aha! But you have a secret weapon up your sleeves (and presumably on your Kart) - turbo boost power!

As you can tell from the screenshot, the viewing area in this 3D game isn't quite large enough, and even with this reduced space, the 3D itself is jerky and unconvincing. My advice is to forget about this tepid release right now and choose something better, like that fine golden oldie (now also at budget price) Enduro Racer.


This isn't really that bad, but quality games of this ilk are two a penny at the budget price.