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Prison Riot
By Players Premier
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #82

Prison Riot

Joe Blade is back! Back! BACK! Except he isn't. But he might as well be as Prison Riot is a typical Joe Blade style game. Not that it makes it bad. Not at all, because this natty flipscreen arcade adventure is one heap of fun! Chaos abounds in a security prison where, overnight, the inmates rioted and are now running around with hoods over their faces and causing no end of trouble! The only way to halt the riot, before a complete massacre occurs, is to recapture the seven ringleaders and chuck 'em off the prison roof (don't worry, a helicopter winches them away)!!

While rampaging inmates are dangerous and touching one drains energy, you are armed with a rifle, but ammo is limited so keep an eye out for top-ups. When ammo runs dry, knock off opponents by kicking their heads in! Other top-ups include keys to open security doors and food to replenish energy.

Capturing the ring leaders isn't easy - first you have to find them, one by one, and then correctly solve a puzzle before leading them away.

Graphically it's a bit on the mega side - all the characters are animated well and are dumpy and cartoon-like. Backdrops are varied and well designed so as not to be cluttered. Prison Riot is an excellent arcade adventure and the only hang up is that you have only one life. CRASH t-shirt to the first infinite lives Poke!!

Richard Eddy

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