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Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods
By Arcana
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.03

Q&A For The Gods

Beform even playing Powerplay, the Game of the Gods, I was impressed with this software. The disc is packed in a large colourfully illustrated video style plastic case, complete with an equally well produced instruction manual.

The game is only available on disc, which is supplied in a rather unusual format, double sided with a 40 track version on one side and an 80 track version on the other.

The game is based on the role playing type of board game where each player controls a number of characters trying to build up their qualities of wisdom and strength until they eventually develop enough powers to overthrow their opponents.

Two to four players may take part and each begins with four warriors. There can, therefore, be a maximum of 16 characters on the board at the start of play.

The idea is quite simple. Each player takes a turn, and selects which of his warriors he wishes to use. The player must then answer a question which is flashed on the screen for a short time. A correct answer increases the character's wisdom points, and when 25 are achieved the warrior is given the opportunity to mutate into a character of higher strength.

As the pieces increase in strength and wisdom they attempt to move around the board to squares occupied by opposing players, and throw down a challenge.

When a challenge is issued the two players concerned are given a chance to answer one question.

The first player to answer correctly wins the challenge and defeats the opponent.

The losing warrior is then downgraded to a lower strength level, or if already at the lowest level, is removed from the board.

Play continues until only one player has any remaining warriors.

The disc contains several data files full of questions on a variety of subjects. For each question four possible answers are dis played from which the player has to select the correct one.

There are some 2,000 different questions on the disc, which make the possibility of the same questions recurring too often quite remote. In fact during the review period I don't think I saw a repeat of any question.

There is also a useful facility built into the software which allows new datafiles of questions and answers to be created. These files need to be first produced with a word processor and they are then compiled by the program into a format suitable for the game.

I enjoyed this game, it is highly original and entertaining. The graphics are truely excellent, with the board and colourful scenario displayed in 3D fashion with cleverly animated characters.

Speech is also generated, but this is only available if an Acorn speech system is fitted.

The question and answer files are interesting and varied, and the ability to create new question files adds to the long term usability of the game.

Geoff Turner