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Power Drift
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #95

Power Drift

Hold onto your hats (and stomachs), we're off to the races for a nerveracking battle against the clock in that cream of modern engineering, a Formula One racing machine... no, hold on, it's a sand buggy?!

Power Drift was Activision's Chrimble race offering back in Issue 71. Your vehicle isn't as flash as a Porsche 959, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari F40 or one of the new half a million quid Jaguars (ah, shame!), but sand buggys are rugged and well nippy.

First, choose a character from the twelve ugly drivers on offer, then prepare for the race of your life on five of the wildest courses around. There are eleven computer-controlled psychopaths waiting to ram you oft the road, so don't imagine it's just the course that'll cause problems.

Completing the stage in at least third place is your main priority, as it ensures a position in the grid for the next race, but getting a bronze trophy isn't as easy as it sounds (the gold 'un is even tougher to grab).

Graphically the game's good, but the programmers could have animated the buggy's tyres - it looks silly speeding around with static wheels. Also the similarity between levels becomes tedious (poke me in the ribs when the race is finished!).

Overall, Power Drift is a game worthy of purchase at budget price, but don't expect too much.