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By 2.99 Classics
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #10


Ever fancied yourself as a Maltese Joe? Well, now's your chance with the latest 2.99 Classic, Pool. It's just that, a simulation of the old ball clattering sport.

It's not the most imaginative of realisations - any similarity to the real McCoy is purely coincidental. Well most of the time it is. Still, that doesn't invalidate it as a Speccy game in its own right. Not only that, it's a pleasure to find a game where Euclid is of more use than blood-lust and whizzo reflexes.

The aim of the game is to pot balls - there are six altogether. Blue balls are worth 20 points and red only ten though I'm not quite sure why. Anyway you're given three chances to pot a ball so if you're as uncoordinated as a lemming on Beachy Head there's still hope for you. The only snag is, it reduces as you move on through further frames. You never actually see the cue itself but at least you can move a marker round the table to the position you want to shoot from. You'll have to clear all your balls to move onto the next frame, though points decide the winner if you haven't the nous to clear the table before you run out of shots.

One for the Steve "Interesting" Davises of the world to cut their cues on. Younger ones might get more enthusiastic about chalking their tips over this one!

Rick Robson

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