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Play It Again Sam 4
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #076

Take three old games, plus one from Aardvark and one from Alligata, mix well. The result is Superior's Play It Again Sam 4. There's Spellbinder, Grand Prix Construction Set (BBC Only), Frak, Guardian (for Electron only) and the new release Cosmic Camouflage. The Electron fares well, with a screen designer for Frak - something that would have been good to have on the BBC version - and Guardian, a sort of Defender.

Superior describes the completely new game Cosmic Camouflage as ' exciting, new sequel to Meteors with many novel, advanced features...' Most of the new features are aimed against the player! The game involves shooting rocks and the occasional spacecraft.

To add to the problems, just as you get used to moving about effectively, gravity takes effect, weakly at first, but becoming fairly strong in the later stages of the game. Manoeuvring in the strong gravity takes some getting used to, but I found it easy after a few games.

You gain one very useful trick - the camouflage cover. This is extremely useful, as when you cannot be seen you cannot be homed in on. The cover, warp drive and 'smart' bombs can be replenished by little cannisters that are released when certain types of craft are hit - essential if you wish to stay alive.

I'd recommend Play It Again Sam 4 to anyone who has has not already bought the games on it.

Paul Thornton