Platinum (US Gold) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70


The companion compilation to the Sega Mastermix, this is US Gold's Capcom extravaganza. Probably the pick of the bunch in Ghouls 'N Ghosts (96%) which must be one of the most varied and imaginative coin-ops ever. Five levels freely mix horizontal and vertically scrolling action to superb effect. Graphics aren't immediately impressive, but there's plenty of detail and the sound is utterly awesome. It's very tough, but great fun!

Programmers Software Creations also converted LED Storm (94%), a simple but superbly playable race game viewed from overhead. You zoom along the race track avoiding all sorts of hazards (especially juggernauts), leaping across gaps and shaking free frogmen (!). The soundtrack is excellent, and although a tiny bit dated, there's nine levels of pure entertainment for speed freaks.

The second Sizzler of this collection is Forgotten Worlds (93%). It features one or two jetpack-wearing heroes floating across six worlds, both vertically and horizontally scrolling. It's a pure blast-'em-up, with some impressive graphics and nice inter-level screens. Unfortunately it's dated a bit badly, the control system is overly awkward while the action is a bit dull. A bit average nowadays.

The final two games are both disappointing. Strider was a superlative coin-op packed with imagination and action. The athletic cartwheeling hero, armed with a laser sword, fought through five levels, sadly hacked into smaller, lesser pieces for the C64 conversion (42%). By comparison, Black Tiger was a mediocre coin-op to begin with. Lots of platforms to leap between maybe, along with people to rescue, but unremarkable graphics and end-of-level monsters. A good C64 conversion (64%) couldn't redeem the dull gameplay.


For coin-op enthusiasts this and the Sega Mastermix are an excellent way of getting ots of conversions relatively cheap. For other purchasers it's another mixed bag, but anything with Ghouls and LED is good value!


The Amiga Ghouls 'N Ghosts (85%) disappointed mainly because it was basically an ST port and made little use of the Amiga's superior capabilities. The basic gameplay is still pretty good though, and the music's great.

LED Storm (92%) was a simpler coin-op to convert and there's still little to criticize about this very fast race game. Good fun and excellent rock music.

Strider (96%) was converted by Tiertex, and although little improved over the ST, the zestful playability of the imaginative coin-op is certainly there. Most of the coin-op elements are there, and although it's technically dated - good fun!

Forgotten Worlds (97%) has stood the test of time less well, the graphics are nice but no longer compensate for dull gameplay. The control system is awkward too!

By contrast, Black Tiger (63%) is mainly spoilt by a poor coin-op.

Overall though, this is a very good Amiga compilation and definitely recommended.