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Home Computing Weekly

Planet Destroyer
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

As the commander of the Starship Patscram, your mission is to guide your ship to the heart of the alien planet. You must steer your ship through twisting tunnels, avoiding or destroying the enemy missiles and refuelling as necessary.

There are 20 sectors to go through before your mission is complete. I have only mastered half of them, but this just adds to the excitement of this very good game.

Full instructions are given on an inlay card, and brief prompts are contained in the program. The graphics are very well presented and so is the sound which is generated while the game is in progress. The sound which accompanies the on-screen instructions is rather excessive, though.

On several occasions I have had trouble in loading the lengthy program but the error is at the beginning of the tape - the leader may be too long.

The program seems to be bug free with one exception. The refuelling instructions say fire your gun at the fuel dumps to refuel, but I have found that colliding with them has the same effect.

This game is well thought out, and makes the most of TI Basic and colour.


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