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Pipe Dream
By Bullet-Proof
Game Boy

Published in Mean Machines #4

Pipe Dream

Yes, another game that casts you as a plumber - but this time there aren't any mushrooms in sight! The idea is to lay down sections of pipe and guide the flow of a repulsive substance called Flooz. On the left of the screen is the plumber's bag which shows the next five pipe segments as they will appear.

The most points are gained by making loops - the more complicated, the better! Later levels include dead squares, vats and fish, with the Flooz increasing speed all the time. A password system enables the player to re-enter the game at more advanced stages.


Pipe Dream is a very successful conversion of the coin-op, oozing (ho ho) addictiveness and playability. It's very easy at first, becoming progressively more difficult as it continues. The trick is to rack up high scores through making involved loops and bends, so the game can be played in all sorts of ways. An excellent product.


Pipe Dream is a superb Gameboy title that'll have you tearing your hair out with frustration! It's incredibly addictive and is an ideal way to make those train or bus journeys whizz past. Check it out as soon as possible.