Publisher: Ultimate
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #57


Well, Ultimate may play the game, but I suspect most Spectrum owners have become more than a little weary of this style of program.

The storyline is peripheral and uninteresting. Yet again, you take the role of Sabreman. This time, though, he is dressed in a wizard's costume. The "idea" is to track down the Pentagram. Why Ultimate are unable to simply explain this looks like a mystery to baffle reviewers and gamers the world over. (Well, France and Germany at least - Ultimate have kindly translated the instructions.)

The title page is rather average, and the initial screen, offering joystick and keyboard options is only marginally more inspiring. Into the game proper, then, and what do we find? A 3D layout, "cute" graphics and single colour rooms. So many surprises!


The bizarre lack of directional control (you just spin around and move forward) makes things ever so difficult. Presumably, the idea is to allow the player to run, jump and fire without stretching out to the keyboard every few seconds. Whilst considerate, I found it rather self-defeating; the effort exerted to reach the keyboard would be considerably smaller than the frustration caused trying to control the manic character.

Graphics are nothing special. They are high quality, though, and quite pleasing to look at. Occasionally, a fiend of some sort will descend from the sky and scuttle around your feet.

Bearing in mind the amount of time Ultimate spend producing their games, and the money spent on packaging, I am disappointed by this offering. Steer well clear. Ultimate are going down.