Computer Gamer


Publisher: Ultimate
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #16


No-one can remember whether the Pentagram ever existed at all or whether it was just a rumour that has now passed into folklore. Sabreman is however convinced and has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in searching out the only remaining copy of the Grand Arch Wizardry spell book from the Old Mystic Curio Shoppe. The book gives a few obscure clues as to what the guest is all about but, as with all Ultimate games, you are effectively thrown in at the deep end with little or no idea as to what you are supposed to be doing or looking for.

Yes, it is... yet another 3D game from Ultimate featuring Sabreman in which you must manoeuvre furniture and leap onto moving blocks as you try to reach apparently inaccessible parts of the screen. Intent on bringing about your early demise are lethal blocks of spikes and mantraps and a variety of monsters. Some of these materialise and can be blasted away. These include witches on broomsticks, ghosts, mummies and blobs of slime. Other creatures such as spiders and dragons heads are already in situ and must be avoided as they are immune to your firepower. And what of your quest itself?

Well, as I have already said, Ultimate are notorious for giving nothing away but your quest involves searching for mystical runs and large monoliths marked with the sign of the pentagram.

As is to be expected, the presentation of the game is excellent with large clear 3D graphics and some jolly little tunes including the Ash Grove and Shepherd's Hay. But, despite all its obvious qualities, Pentagram let me cold.

It was just like seeing chapter two or three or four of something that has already been seen before. If you enjoy this type of 3D arcade adventure, then you will no doubt want to rush out and get this one, but otherwise, I would look instead at some of more original games that are on offer at the moment.