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Paint Pic
By Kuma Computers
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #6

Paint Pic

For about a week Paint Pic was known as Paint Pig around this household until somebody quite rightly pointed out that pigs don't feature all that strongly and what looked like a 'G' was more likely to be a 'C'.

My first attempt, intended to be a subtle rendition of Guernica, came out looking like the ceiling had fallen on it. Practice was definitely the order of the day. After a bit, the commands became more familiar and it became easier.

There seem to be a few contradictions here. Computer-aided design (CAD) by its nature should be as fast as possible, otherwise it's just a damned nuisance. Paint Pic is too slow to be realistic. There's no doubt you can do a lot with it - it has routines for drawing, painting, circles and arcs to mention but a few - but drawing anything is like waiting around for a bus.

The help screens are totally incomprehensible.

It works, but it's expensive and unless you enjoy spending weeks on a drawing think about something else.