PC Kid

Author: Paul Rand
Publisher: NEC
Machine: PC Engine (EU Version)/TurboGrafix-16 (US Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #100

PC Kid

Set in prehistoric times, this Wonderboy-style scrolling platform game has the hero, a slap-head baldy called PC Kid, running and jumping his way through many levels, head-butting an unbelievably weird load of beasts who run, hop and fly around him.

Each collision with a beastie diminishes energy, but there are loads of fruits to collect to top your total, and there are also kebabs!! Eat one of those and you can kill an enemy with one head-butt. Eat a second and you become invincible for a short period of time!

There are a variety of levels, starting off in the Prehistoric countryside. Get to the end of that and it's across a volcanic landscape, followed by a hazardous clamber over the back of a massive dinosaur - get to his head and he opens his mouth, allowing PC Kid to continue his mission through the monster's stomach!! Weird, eh?

PC Kid

And that's only the beginning...

PC Engine

Don't despair when I tell you that PC Kid is another Wonderboy derivative, as it's by far the best you'll ever see - miles better than the original, in fact!

The graphics are truly superb - some of the baddies in the game are the most weird and wonderful I've ever seen, with bouncing dinosaurs, smiling dragonflies and huge monsters with centre-partings!

PC Kid

Music and sound effects are fab, with loads of suitably prehistoric jingles adding to the atmosphere. But what's most important is gameplay - and it's brilliant.

Lots of levels (I've found five massive ones up to now) and heaps of angry baddies on each level keep you on your toes from the start, and of course there's the nasty end-of-level big boys to contend with.

PC Engine owners, I say simply this: Miss PC Kid at your peril!!

Paul Rand

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