By Ultimate
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #52


What can you say about Outlaws? Nice, glossy packaging, slick artwork and an intriguing storyline printed on the cassette inlay. Well up to Ultimate's normal standards.

But what about the game, I hear you cry, thumbing the hammer of your Colt 45 and pointing it in a mean manner at the reviews page.

Okay, I give in and spill the beans but you'd better sit down first. Outlaws is really quite ordinary.


But first the setting. A town lives under the shadow of an evil gang of outlaws. Nobody dares stand up to them. Months pass and then a man with no name and no past rides into town. It's the Lone Rider.

Controlling the Lone Rider and his horse by joystick you must seek out the outlaws and revenge the town.

Pushing the joystick left or right will cause the horse to move in that direction. Keeping it pressed will move the horse from a trot to a gallop. Pushing the stick forward will cause the horse to jump. Shooting is also easily controlled by the stick. The idea is to get the baddies before they get you. They will attack on horseback or when in town a seemingly innocent passer-by will suddenly draw a gun. Fast reaction will be needed to beat him to the draw.

The graphics and sound are okay and the game is quite playable. But with Ultimate the hope is for something new and original and for them Outlaws is rather ordinary.