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Home Computing Weekly

By Software Projects
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Although it is yet another version of the 3D zap-the-aliens-before-they-get-too-close favourite, this version has very fast and effective graphics. After reading the limited instructions on the attractive cassette cover, I loaded the game to find a well-written demo routine which gave me some idea of what I was supposed to do.

For no apparent reason a multitude of line-drawn shapes has decided to attack your lonely space station. Now I for one am not going to stand for this and let loose with my rapid fire laser cannon, only to find that one of the nasties had warped in behind me. Desperately I flipped the gun turret round, but too late...

If you are the budding space cadet who treats being assaulted by Pyramids, sugar cubes and coathangers as a challenge then this game should prove a valuable addition to your collection. But since all the aliens adopt the same attack strategy the game becomes tedious much sooner than most of its type.


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