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O'Leary Manager
By Ubisoft
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 11

Be a player, a manager or both!

O' Leary Manager

This game lets you play on the field, manage the team or do both, should you wish. However, the simple overhead-view action neither looks nor plays as well as the excellent UEFA 2000, although it serves well enough for match highlights.

The Full Manager mode offers an absorbing challenge. You can take charge of any club in the top two divisions of the English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch or German league.

Detailed management options let you do more than just pick the team. You can set training regimes and the wrong choice can have a negative effect on players! Tactically there's a choice of nine formations, five attacking settings, five playing styles, and four aggression settings.

The transfer market encompasses all Europe, but looking for the right player is made easier by the excellent search engine which lets you choose a value range and skills.

Forget the Arcade mode (if you want action, better go for UEFA) but for detailed, absorbing management, this is definitely the game to get.


Graphics 80%
Good match highlights!

Sound 80%
Nice title tune, usual crowd FX.

Playability 80%
Great management options.

Lastability 80%
Nice long-term challenge.

Overall 85%
Stay in the dugout!