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North Sea Bullion Adventure
By Kuma Computers
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

The "HMS Bearheart" sank somewhere in Arctic waters, it is rumoured that she was carrying a precious cargo. As captain of the salvage tug "Nurwal" you have the dangerous, but possibly very rewarding, task of locating the wreck of "HMS Bearheart". This is the scenario for a second rate graphic adventure from the Kuma stable.

It is not the type of adventure which would appeal to the puzzle solvers amongst you. You must find the ship and recover the treasure without running out of fuel, oxygen, or time, it is therefore more of a tactical adventure.

Movement between locations is performed by pressing the cursor keys. A new picture is drawn for each location, drawing isn't exactly slow but it soon becomes a bit of a bore. To enter any of the more traditional commands e.g. Get lamp, you must first press "I" to select the command mode. Having asked all of the appropriate questions you have to return to the movement/picture drawing mode again, this adds to the tedium.

You are informed in the instructions that the adventure doesn't actually have an ending. The user must decide when to finish. This could be the point at which you locate the Bearheart's strong room and recover a bar of gold. The more stout hearted of you may wish to carry on removing bars of gold and then return to port. It all depends upon your stamina, personally I would have never set sail!

The program may be cheap, but it is still not good value for money.


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