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Computer Gamer

By Entertainment USA
Atari 800XL/130XE

Published in Computer Gamer #19


Aaaarrgggh! Yet another martial arts game - but this one's for the Atari, and it is also very good and a bit more playable than all the rest.

The plot (as such) has you trying to rescue the Princess Di-Di who is a prisoner in the palace of pearls - of course in the palace there are various heavies who will try their level best to do extremely nasty things to you.

Of course, you are armed to the teeth with the ability to throw daggers, Ninja stars, and use your Samurai sword as well. On top of this is the usual extremely complex 16-way control system on the joystick that lets you punch, chop, and kick your way through all opposition.


The setting is based on a house with different rooms and many floors. As you rise up the building the number of baddies in each room also rises. In each room you may also find some daggers, Ninja stars, or a gold idol. These last pieces also boost your energy - much needed after a hard battle.

As you encounter a baddy, his energy is put up on the screen so that you can see how he is faring compared to you. The type of baddy is also printed up so you know how good he is probably going to be.

The graphics are extremely good and the animation is equally impressive, as is the sound. For £1.99, you cannot go wrong with this game - even if you usually find combat games completely boring.