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Home Computing Weekly

Nightflite 2
By Hewson Consultants
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Reading the insert's eleven pages, with 5,000-plus words in fine type, proved a mammoth task, as did reviewing this program. For flysim officianados this is surely a must - and all in 16K, thanks to being efficiently written in machine code.

Loading was simple and revealed a menu offering seven modes, including two autopilot and one training mode. There are six levels of difficulty and a shifting perspective that shows the correct view of the runway and village lights from whichever direction the airfield is approached. Instruments are realistic, with three greens for undercarriage, stall warning light and alarm, variable flap controls, detailed map, four beacons, realistic limitations to the aircraft performance and engine noise varying with speed. Who can doubt that the author is an air traffic controller and pilot?

Superb sound and graphics do everything claimed. At the end a personal debrief is displayed on screen that can be printed to produce a personal record, signed by the author. An interesting, enjoyable, taxing program that would absorb the student for hours - but not for the ordinary games player, perhaps.


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