Your Sinclair

Night Breed

Author: Stuart Campbell
Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #81

Night Breed

Nightbreed is one of those rare occurences in the game world - a licence of a film with an interesting plot. The storyline of Nightbreed (the movie) revolves around a character called Boone who believes, thanks largely to his psychiatrist Dr Decker, that he is a schizophrenic maniac responsible for a series of Horribly Grisly Murders. Eventually he decides to kill himself, but duffs it up and ends up in hospital, where he hears of a strange place called Midian where all sins can be forgiven. He heads for Midian, and discovers it to be the last resting-place of a breed of strange creatures called "the Nightbreed".

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Lori has found out that the Horribly Grisly Murders were actually committed by Dr Decker (gasp!), who planted the suggestion in Boone's mind that he was responsible during his therapy" sessions...!

Unfortunately, Boone is followed to Midian by a gang of fascistic thugs called the Sons Of The Free, intent on killing him as revenge for the Horribly Grisly Murders. When they discover the Nightbreed, they decide that they too must all be wiped out. As the Nightbreed are mostly passive, harmless creatures, Boone has to find a way to save them from the Sons Of The Free, while simultaneously saving Lori from Dr Decker (who knows that she knows that he knows etc), and exposing Dr Decker as the real murderer. To do it, he's going to have to enlist the unwitting aid of the Berserkers, a race of insanely vicious Nightbreed who are kept locked up in Midian lest they tear any living thing they come across to shreds. Looks like a busy night...

Now you might be thinking 'Why doesn't he get on with the blimmin' review?' at this point, but there's a reason. You'd think with a wild plot like that, there'd be a bit of scope for something more interesting than the usual multi-level platform/maze/beat-'em-up routine with fuzzy graphics and a crap multiload, wouldn't you? Well, there is, but it's not in this boring game. What a waste.

Stuart Campbell

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