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Gumboot Software

Neat List Plus Compress
By Gumboot Software
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum January/February 1985

Space permits only a brief mention of two useful utilities for the Colour Genie. Firstly, they are compatible with the Full Screen and Error Handler - in fact, you can have all four in use at once or any combination thereof.

Neat List makes your listing look very neat and readable. Spaces are inserted between numbers, commands and variables, etc, and multi-statement lines are broken down to appear on separate lines, without using up extra memory. You simply type NLIST or even NLIST 100-200 etc, just like for LIST. NLLIST (double L) will output the neat list to printer. This is definitely a handy program to use as a debugging aid because those long lines become so readable.

Compress is a sort of inverse program to Neat List. When you have typed in your program you simply do a CALL4185 command all unnecessary spaces and all REMs are removed giving you more run-time memory.

All four utilities mentioned run on *any* Colour Genie, and even with all four loaded in they will remain in memory until you switch off the computer, and take up less than 2K of RAM!! The only point to watch out for is that Neat List should be loaded last.

R. Crossley

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