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Your Sinclair

Myla Di'Kaich
By Global
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #3

Myla Di'Kaich

Excuse me, I think I'm having a migraine. No, it's just the graphics in this game, which are brighter than even Jeff Minter's most psychedelic nightdress. And what's worse, when you lose a life they flash through every colour combination imaginable.

Myla di 'Kaich turns out to be a space store gone mad, which doesn't help your search for the twelve spare parts that'll let your ship leave (though I'd settle for an aspirin). Each of the fifty screens of this lunar labyrinth is jam-packed with travelators, lifts, shifting floors and floating nasties... very much like my local supermarket, in fact. it really is one of the busiest, most open plan collecting games I've seen. Owing to the eccentric layout and odd graphics it can even be difficult to get from one side of the screen to the another.

It's all more of the same only a bit different this time, if you see what I mean. At the price it may amuse diehard fans of the game-type - but wear your shades while playing!

Rachael Smith