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Multimixx 3
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #114

Multimixx 3

The Multimixx series seems to go on for ever and that's no bad thing as although there has not been one outstanding compilation they certainly are value for money and are of consistent good quality.

First off the tape is the classic beat 'em up Street Fighter. Taking a leaf out of Phineas Foggs' book you travel around the world to test your martial arts skills against two different patriots from each of the five countries you visit (Japan, USA, UK, China and Thailand) The fights are the best of three rounds at the end of which a bonus can be earned by chopping through a pile of bricks. Excellent controls and varied opponents (the shurieken wheeling invisible ninja to name just one!) with different styles and abilities make this the most appealing game on the tape. Of course the two player option is a bonus, but the ability to change your mans fighting style is not present. Pity.

Continuing the bashing theme Bionic Commando is original if nothing else. The five arcade platform levels range from a forest, which you must negotiate with your bionic arm to climb trees and avoid the aliens who's base you are hopping to destroy, to The Silo, where you have to destroy the launch computer and complete your mission. Your arm is very versatile and is able to extend out in front of you to catch parachuted weaponry and provisions as well as clubbing the enemy. The game is quite enjoyable, but let down severely by tiny sprites and unimaginative graphics.

This is definitely not the case with 1943. A very simple yet highly addictive air combat shoot 'em up. The back ground story is irrelevant as you fight for mastery of the air and sea in a P38 fighter bomber. Slick scrolling action, power-ups and assortment of weapons. SWIV it's not, but with the added feature of tumbling head over tail to dodge incoming flack this will entertain for days. A good compilation that maintains the average.

Label: Kixx Memory: 48K/128K Price: £4.99 Tape, £n/a Disk Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Matt: {missing}

Overall Summary

A couple of nice games to keep you occupied on those rainy Summer days, but nothing to pass up the chance of a tan for.

Alan Dykes

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