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ZX Computing

Mugsy's Revenge
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #25

Mugsy's Revenge

Mugsy added cartoon strip quality graphics to the standard strategy and trading game, and now Mugsy's Revenge continues the idea.

Decisions are taken by replying to questions which are phrased in mock gangstereese. You start with 50,000 dollars and a limited set of options. Once you build up a profit then the options expand, opening nightclubs, hiring 'hostesses', putting contracts on other gangsters out, etc.

Mind you, other gangsters can put contracts out on you too! When this happens, then an arcade sequence comes into play and you have to battle it out with a varying amount of opponents. The Feds may also invite you to a shootout. Although this is well done, I found it annoying as it often happened as I was just making progress and was usually fatal. The Feds even ran me down in a car once, after I'd finally managed to shoot their agents.

As a strategy game there is a reasonable challenge and it can be frustratingly difficult. Unfortunately, the built-in random element is far too frequently used. Just as you begin to make progress it seems disaster strikes.

At the end of each turn an animated 'highlight' of the year is shown which soon becomes irritating, as does the slowness and frequency of the graphic routines. The original Mugsy game is thrown in free, and this makes it a good bargain if you haven't already got it but if you do then there is not a great deal of point in getting this one.