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The Micro User

Mr. Wiz
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.09

Simply magic...

All is peaceful in the garden. Mr. Wiz is going about his daily business of harvesting the cherries when suddenly, from behind the toadstool, a hideous beastie appears.

Will Mr. Wiz out-run the monster? Will this year's cherry harvest be affected? Will our hero be caught by the gremlins?

Only you can answer these questions as you play this exciting and colourful variation on the Mr. Do theme from Superior Software.

As Mr. Wiz you must negotiate your way around the garden in an attempt to collect all the cherries. As you move through the long grass you leave a clear path behind.

The gremlins, which appear at regular intervals from the central toadstool, will normally only travel along these clear path ways. Your only weapon is a trusty crystal ball.

To use this you must turn and face a pursuing gremlin and hit the space bar. This sends the crystal ball zig zagging along the pathway killing the blue meanie.

I would recommend that the crystal ball be used in emergencies only as it takes quite a spell to recharge.

Scattered around the garden are several large apples. By clearing away the grass directly below these you can cause them to fall vertically until they reach the next area of long grass. As your confidence increases you may like to try enticing several gremlins to follow you.

You then create a long path vertically upwards to the base of an apple and at the last moment casually side step it as it falls on the gremlin hoards.

Should you be feeling really adventurous — although suicidal may be more accurate - you can then devour the central toadstool and collect a bonus of 1,000 points.

All of this action is performed to the strains of Orpheus in the Underworld - Can Can to you and me —which unfortunately cannot be turned off.

Another oversight is the lack of a pause game feature. These two facilities are normally expected as standard on BBC games of this quality. p> However, these two omissions aside, I can honestly say that this game is magic.

Jon Revis

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