Mr. Ee
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Mr. Ee

Now this is what I call a game with added Umph.

An Umph, at least according to Micro Power, is a creature which chases a wizard while he's trying to tunnel through the earth collecting cherries.

You control the wizard with either the keyboard or a joystick, while trying not to lose a life by being caught by an Umph.

Mr. Ee

The wizard has a crystal ball which seems to have an in-built homing ability. He can throw it at an Emph and, whether or not it hits one, it will return to the wizard's hand to be used again.

As well as the cherries on the screen, there are also some apples. Running under one of these will loosen it and it will fall until hitting some more earth. If it hits an Umph or two on the way, then it's curtains for meany and extra points for you.

During the game, Umphs emerge from their base at the centre of the screen. When they have all trooped out, the base turns into a lump of food which the wizard should collect, adding to his score.

Mr. Ee

Apple-eating monsters then emerge which can still be killed by the crystal ball.

Killing all of the Umphs or eating all the cherries means that you move to the next screen, which is a little harder. There are ten screens in all.

As well as moving and firing, you can also pause the game or turn the sound on and off. Pressing Escape will end the game and you can start again.

Mr. Ee is a fast, colourful game with good graphics and sound. If you're an arcade addict then you'll like this.