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Home Computing Weekly

Motor Cross/Rally Cross
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

These two programs are sold together for either joystick or keyboard use. Although good use has been made of the TI's Basic facilities in an attempt to get the utmost speed, both programs are essentially identical. They differ mainly in the graphics used for gates, making this very expensive duplication.

Both are moderately challenging: you must drive around the screen, negotiating cones and trees and attempting to pass through eight gates. In Motor Cross only, the gates are numbered and must be negotiated sequentially. You have control of left and right turns only, which can be a little confusing as they are dependent upon the direction in which the car is heading.

There are five levels of play and your efforts are timed within the restrictions of TI Basic. If you complete the course unscathed, you will receive a rating. I didn't even rate pathetic, as with the computer in control of the speed and no brakes I frequently became entangled with the trees.

If the games had differed more, I would have considered this fair value for money.