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Moonlight Madness
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #61

Moonlight Madness

John Cain had a lot of success with the budget price Booty. But it's doubtful whether Moonlight Madness will repeat his success.

If it had been a budget game - and I wouldn't mind betting that's what it was intended to be - Moonlight Madness might have got a better reception. But at £7.95 it's a rip-off.

And that's a shame because Bubblebus has put out some nice product over the past year, including a great budget title called Classic Invaders on the Amstrad. But Moonlight Madness does not cut the mustard at this price.

It tells the story of a young lad who arrives outside the old oak door of a mansion demanding: "Bob-a-job, Mister". Could he be a cub scout by any chance?

The door has been opened by an ancient scientist who promptly collapses, gurgling "My pills."

Your task is to get his life-saving pills out of the safe which can only be opened with sixteen keys and then by cracking the combination. Get the idea? A succession of screens packed with ladders, platforms and puzzles follows.

The puzzles are fairly entertaining, the graphics are fairly crude. There's nothing really new here.