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Moonlight Madness
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #11

Moonlight Madness

Hmmm, don't like the title Moonlight Madness much, howzabout Daylight Robbery. Catchy, ain't it?

What makes this game even more amusing is that it's the first I've seen so far to receive the Sinclair Quality Control stamp. From now on I'll take it as a signed, sealed and delivered death warrant. This is truly dreadful.

The traditionally weak story line goes as follows. You play a lost boy scout who's wandered up to the mad professor's house. The prof himself answers the door and then promptly has a heart attack, gasping that you must find his pills, that are in the safe, that can be opened by the sixteen keys, that are scattered around the house, that also needs a combination, and the staff in the house are none too friendly to strangers. Take my advice, let him die!

Either this program is written in compiled Basic or the programmer is only up to the half-way stage in a Tim Hartnell classic. The... movement... is... very... jerky... and has a tendency to stop at infrequent intervals for no particular

reason at all. The programmer hasn't used masks on any of his sprites either, so when you or one of the prof's henchmen walk past anything, it's obliterated. Plus, it's very slow and sluggish and surely by now platforms are a little long in the tooth for full-price games?

Included in the features is a standard redefine keys option. Unfortunately, you can't redefine all the keys. Try the popular left/right - A/S and you'll find that you keep saving the game and entering doors you don't want to while walking. Trés confusing

Maybe Bubble Bus had a touch of Moonlight Madness when it picked this one for its new release.

Pete Shaw

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