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Moonlight Madness
By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #33

Moonlight Madness

Another game from the author of mega-selling Booty! The story is set in a strange house owned by a mad professor who invents weird and wonderful gadgets. His home is full of them, and some are very sinister indeed as our hero finds out when he unsuspectingly pays a visit during Bob a Job week.

The hapless Boy Scout trots up the garden path full of good intentions and rings the rusty bell. An old man wearing huge horn-rimmed spectacles answers the door. Just as the lad is explaining that he's come to do some good turns, the old man suddenly slumps to the ground whispering. "My pills, my pills...

It's a race against time to find the pills which are locked away in a sale. First, sixteen keys have to be found... and there's a time limit: if you take too long then the Prof might not pull through.

Secret inventions hidden in the house are possessively guarded by bits of machinery, and the servants who help with the upkeep of the house don't limit themselves to doing the housework and a bit of gardening. The old man's minions are highly trained individuals who have been instructed to attack anyone who enters the house. With all this to contend with, the little Scout is going to have quite a hard time locating the keys and combination...

Each room in the house is filled with strange creatures and gadgets which are set on removing the young infiltrator from the premises. Three lives are supplied. Contact with the odd-ball staff is generally fatal, and jumping too far down onto lower platforms also spells death. To get around this irritating problem, the Scout must master the use of mobile platforms controlled by bellpushes. By pressing the appropriate button, a platform can be moved into place to bridge an all important gap or summon a moving platform to your rescue.

Secret passages link screens, but where they lead is a surprise in itself. Predictably, the keys and important items in the game are all carefully guarded by the scientist's minions who have no idea that you are actually trying to help their master.


Control keys: redefinable
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: slow and unresponsive
Use of colour: lots of colour resulting in lots of colour clash
Graphics: small and uninteresting
Sound: little tunette plays throughout, good spot effects
Skill levels: one
Screens: 43

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