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Paragon Publishing

Mission: Impossible
By Infogrames
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 07

A hum dinger? Is it possible?

Mission: Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this review and decide whether or not you want this game from Infogrames. Listen carefully, for I will say this only once!

Mission: Impossible is a mixture of action, adventure and spy-like stealth that will tax your gaming ability to the max. You control Ethan Hunt and guide him through city streets, houses and posh embassy functions. Working against you are rival spies who you can either avoid or shoot with your silenced pistol - but you are rewarded for using stealth rather than brute force.

Each mission consists of a carefully constructed set of objectives which are given to you by your top-secret transmitter. On the first level, for example, you must gain entry to the Embassy. To do this, you must meet a contact by the statue, make your way over to the sae house to pick up a key and then get into the Embassy by sneaking in through the back door.

The adventure aspect is great and you really get a feeling of taking part in a top-secret story rather than just running around picking up items. This game taxes your mind more than your ability as a sharp shooter.

There are a few small problems with the game though, one of which is the way you can be killed or captured in an instant and have to restart the mission from the beginning. As you don't always know what's around the corner, it can drive you crazy when you make a single mistake and have to work through everything again. On the other hand, you do tend to get slightly further every time you play and soon become addicted to getting through the level.

The graphics are pretty good and the levels are especially well drawn, with locations crammed full of detail. The characters are big and nicely animated - the game really puts the Game Boy Color to good use.

Mission: Impossible is a great game and it's made even better by the bonus extras you get with the cart! There's a calculator, an address book and space to store information on all the missions you've worked on. The real star, though, is the capacity to use your Game Boy Color as a remote control device to change channels on your television, adjust your hi-fi or control just about any household device that uses an infrared link! It works by copying the transmission of your remote control and sends out the signals via the Game Boy Color's infrared port. It may be a gimmick but it's a darn good one and this alone is worth buying the cart for!

We reckon Mission: Impossible is fantastic. The adventure is addictive, the graphics are great and even the theme tune is kicking. Take all that and add a ton of novel extras and you've got a game well worth buying.

Second Opinion

What a crackin' game! This cart is worth buying for the music alone - a great rendition of the remixed Mission: Impossible theme tune.

The programmers have done a great job with ten packed-to-bursting missions to complete, a host of extra features that are unique to the Game Boy Color and plenty of polish on the top!

This is a fantastic game that I can thoroughly recommended!


Graphics 100%
Brilliant characters.

Sound 100%
The theme tune kicks away.

Playability 100%
Addictive and annoying!

Lastability 100%
A huge and hard adventure!

Overall 90%
Accept this mission!