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Home Computing Weekly

Mini Office
By Database
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

At first sight it appears that you might be getting a bargain: four programs on one tape. But closer inspection proves differently.

The first program is a so-called word processor. It comes nowhere near the genuine article. Words are not processed, merely stored, in a choice of two fonts.

The second program is the best on this tape, and probably the most useful. It is a database for storing records or files, and the example given is a personal address book. This has fields for forename, surname, address, phone number and age, and the complete records can be ordered by any field. For instance, ages could be used and stored into ascending order. Sorting and searching are very fast and the number of records is limited. The third program is called Spreadsheet, and it is suggested that you might use it for your household accounts. Most householders find a small notebook quite adequate. Last, and certainly least, is a program used to draw graphs in conjunction with the previous program.