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By Computasolve

Published in Home Computing Weekly #12

Making an entertaining game without sound or colour in today's market is hard, so Newbrain users will be pleased to find both entertainment and educational qualities in this package.

The 19K of coding and interesting use of the low resolution graphics available in the Newbrain along with hardware editing facilities must add to the good value.

If you expect just "load" to work, it won't, so read the sparse but adequate instructions carefully. If it doesn't run without error, try adding a piece of code (FOR N = 1 to 255:CLOSE/N:NEXT N).

Miner itself is an enhanced form of Monopoly, in which you have to beat a target you set yourself in a time you set yourself and at a choice of three speeds.

You are given mine workings at the start of the game and the opportunity to add to these, as well as transport facilities to get the units of production from the mine to a wharf and then warehouse.

The value of the units increases depending on their location, but in moving them by lorry, barge or ship you incur the random possibility of piracy, accident and disaster. As your funds increase by selling units, you can add more workings and transport to make your income mount up faster.


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