By Edge Computers

Published in Computer & Video Games #39


If you always thought that Scrabble was the only decent board game for a micro, then you can't have seen this one.

Go is simple to learn but can take years to master. The board is a grid of eight by eight squares made up of nine lines in each direction.

There are two players and they take turns to place a black or white counter, or stone, on a place where two lines cross. That area is then marked out as that player's territory. At the end of the game, the player with the most territory will win.


To capture a player's stone you have to surround it. To surround a single stone will take four of the opponent's stones unless the piece is on the edge of the board, in which case you'll only need three.

Microgo is very well written. The computer's response time is around three seconds on the Beeb but a little slower on the Electron. Graphics are good and the few sound effects are just right. And not too loud, either.

If you still have a headache from all that Christmas pud, settle down with this for the afternoon - it's a lot less fattening.