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Micro Power Magic II
By Micro Power
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Computer & Video Games #71

Micro Power Magic II

Here's another collection of games to join the growing library of compilation tapes and disks. Makes you sick, doesn't it, when you think of the bad old days when you paid £7.95 - probably more - for just one paltry game!

Micro Power has crammed a whopping ten games onto this disk, but they are not all gems, I'm sorry to say.

First, you get Mr. Ee, a good copy of the arcade game Mr. Do. It's another Pac-Man clone, wherein you nip around the screen eating fruit and avoiding monsters.

Helldriver is good for an hour or two. You drive around a maze running over flags to get points, while attempting to dodge other cars and obstacles. Rather basic graphics.

Frenzy is a near relation of Crazy Painter. You have to trap Leptons, which seem to be sub atomic particles running amok. You do this be painting in the box, hoping the Lepton doesn't touch the trail you leave behind you.

Cybertron Mission is an old favourite, where you explore a maze of rooms shooting things and picking up things.

There is also an excellent Chess game, with very OK graphics, but as for the rest - oh dear! Stocking fillers.

There is a very average climbing ladders game, Felix In The Factory, a very basic version of space invaders, albeit with slick speed, Positron, a two player shoot-down-your-opponent flying game, Bandits At 3 O'Clock, and a test-your-knowledge-of-the-world quiz called World Geography.

Still, at £7.95, there are enough solid offerings to make this disk excellent value.