By Novagen Software Ltd
Commodore 64/Plus 4

Published in Computer & Video Games #52


The wait is over! Mercenary is here at last. And well worth the wait it is.

If you loved the graphics of Elite, and also like flight simulations all wrapped up with a spot of zapping and puzzles, this is the game for you.

You play the role of a 21st Century mercenary who crash-lands on the planet Tharg and must use his brains to survive in this strife-torn world.

Mercenary: Escape From Targ

To help in this difficult task, Benson, a ninth generation computer helps you with a series of scrolling messages, relays messages and status reports.

The opposing factions on Tharg are the Players and the Mechanoids.

Keeping alive on Tharg will be hard enough in this hostile environment but the ultimate aim is to find a craft and escape the planet.

There are also various flying and ground-based craft to be used and also a vast subterranean complex to be explored.

With excellent graphics and challenging gameplay, Mercenary is a game to look out for.