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Amstrad Action

Megaplay 1
By Virgin/Mastertronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #40


Six budget games burst out of the archive: Agent XII (AA 28, 38%), Zub (AA 16, 76%), Raster Scan (AA 21, 88%), Destructo (AA 25, 77%), Curse Of Sherwood (AA 21, 68%) and 180 (AA 17, 67%).

A mixed bag ranging from the straight shoot-em-up of Destructo to the arcade adventure style of Curse Of Sherwood. There's even something for fat, heavy, smoking alcoholics (professional darts players) in the form of 180.

The total for all of these games separately would come to just about £18, so £10 is well worth it if you haven't got more than two already.

Green Screen View


The Verdict

Overall 73% A cheap stocking filler (for all you people with cheap stockings).

Gary Barrett