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By Arcade Games
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum January/February 1985

Who remembers when the Genie was described as a "nice computer, shame about the software"? Well, just recently, mainly thanks to Rob and Richard (Ed - blush!) the amount and standard of software available has increased immensely - Droids, Bak-Pak and Jet Set Billy for exampe. There are now two more games on the Arcade Games label.

The first I am reviewing is Megapede, based on the game Centipede. You control a bug in a garden and have to shoot the centipede that descends, in bits if necessary, down towards you. It's a game that is familiar to most and as such will appeal to those who have a fast trigger finger. It is faster than Geniepede and has different nasties. My verdict is that it is fast, fair graphics but a bit on the repetitive side.

Chris Thorley

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