Match Day II
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #106

Match Day II

Aggahhh! Not *another* football game! I can't take it any more! Anyway, Match Day II appeared a few years ago to rapturous reviews and accolades galore. Now it's back on budget, but has it really stood the test of time? Well, for the price, yes. Presentation, graphics and sound are fairly good, but the playability still stands up loud and proud.

Match Day II has got a heck of a lot of functions, such as jumping, heading, volleying and barging (loads of fun as you shoulder-charge a player off the ball). Power is measured using the kickometer, which ranges from a sneaky backheel to a full-blooded stinger. What with variable tactics and a two-player option as well, Match Day II for only £2.99 is a must-buy, but if anyone else sings "World In Motion", they'll be kicked into the back of the net!


Graphics are a tad blocky, but that doesn't stop this being one flippin' dinkum footy game.


The monochrome graphics are a bit slow, but the play is the important thing, Brian, and this has it all.


Colourful graphics and red-hot gameplay make this the one to get hold of blinkin' quick.