Masterblazer (Rainbow Arts/Lucasfilm) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Rainbow Arts
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70


Xmas '85 saw Ballblazer earn 98% as "the computer equivalent of such classic sports as football and tennis". The belated Amiga conversion boasts additional features such as a tournament option for eight human or computer players and a race game. The core game uses a rectangular playfield surrounded by walls. The goals are constantly moving at either end, and 1-3 points are awarded depending how far away you are when a goal is scored.

You pilot a rotofoil which automatically points toward the ball - get close enough and it's captured in your pullfield. Pressing Fire triggers a pushfield firing the ball, also useful for knocking the ball out of your opponent's pullfield.

The Race Game uses the same basic graphics, only the goal posts serve as gates which you must race through, hopefully carrying the ball - there's one between each set of posts.


I thought the original Ballblazer was overrated. Five years later, Masterblazer features the same extraordinarily unsophisticated concept: a sort of high-tech blow football!

There are very few tactics involved - play is limited to a frenetic tussle between the two players. This can be fun for a few games but, even with its tournament mode and (dull) race game, Masterblazer is woefully lacking in content - especially for £25.


Excellent presentation is welcome, but the essential thing is the game and after five years it's a little dated. Fast, fun and frenetic it may be, but for long term play it lacks the subtlety of say, Kick Off 2 for one.

Purple Saturn Day contained a superior single-player variant among its four games and perhaps Rainbow Arts should have written some more games to go with the official conversion. The race game is less sophisticated than the main game and again, while fun in the short term, lacks lastability.


Presentation 90%
Good intro, nine levels of droid opponent, variable time limit, two-player mode, tournament and good demo/info screens.

Graphics 74%
Extremely fast with good detail on rotofoils.

Sound 86%
'Auto-improvised' main tune plus nice in-game FX.

Hookability 76%
Can be confusing initially, but superb presentation son makes things clear and pulls you in.

Lastability 75%
Tournament and two player provides some lasting challenge, but basic game is limited.

Overall 76%
An excellent conversion of a somewhat dated game.