Your Sinclair


Author: Rachael Smith
Publisher: Probe Software Ltd
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #7


And that was how I got to be a bounty hunter... no, not the chocolate bars, you dopey ha'porth! We are talking intergalactic criminals, the likes of Ariel Head, Max Porka, Yokohama (I'm fine, hama you) and lets not forget XTRO II - though I'll admit it's hardly as catchy a monicker as Scarface!

All of these nefarious nasties are stranded on Zybor, a sparse planet with a checkerboard floor and many contemporary sculpture-type features on its tedious surface. There, they're protected by an advanced race of humanoids whose one role in life is to make visiting bounty hunters vanish in a puff. How vile!

All of these criminals have a price on their head (well, it helps to keep the rain off) and so you are going to go out there and reap the rewards of planetary law enforcement aren't you? Well, If you want to be a dead hero - yes. But if you're like me, you're going to use your Mantronix, a recently purchased droid that comes complete with a laser.


Mantronix beams down into this strange world with its even stranger inhabitants and almost immediately the battle is on. They'll come at you thick and fast. For every one you mow down another appears to take its place.

Each type of guard has a different attack pattern, from the floating eggs with eyes (at least that's what these hard boiled criminals look like) who like to drop on top of you, to the spikey mines who you'd rather were anybody elses because they're fast and accurate.

The last game I saw from Probe was Devil's Crown which had a short independent life before resurfacing as a Mastertronic title and at that price it was a good buy. If this one is to fare well it too would budge better at a budget price rather than in the middle range. There's so little variation in the game that it really looks like nothing more than a £1.99 offering - unless it's a recent Ultimate release!

Rachael Smith

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