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Manic Miner
By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #50

Manic Miner

Enter Willy. Strong of heart and thick of head, it's decided that the rumours of untold riches are too much to go unheeded, so it's out with the pickaxe and rope, on the hard hat, and down into that hole.

Beginning with three lives and an air supply for each life, the aim in Manic Miner is to collect the flashing objects strewn around in each room and make it to the exit before the air runs out. And as if that isn't bad enough, there's the added disadvantage of having some of the most vicious denizens of Surbiton's Hell on your back. Winning means negotiating all twenty caverns and getting out at the other end. Go on Wills, you can do it marra!


Yeeaaaahhhh! Everyone's favourite strike-breaker has come back to the C64 for the benefit of those who missed him the first time ... and he's not lost a scrap of his original charm, flair and good taste in hats!

It still has the cutesy factor with the hilarious 'baddies' (I mean, how can a toilet be classed as a threat to mankind?), there's the bubbly FX and that marvellously grating title tune and after (harumph) years that murderously addictive playability still exists.

Manic Miner is harkening back to a glorious past, and at £2.99 a luxury we can all afford.


What can one say? Brill, fab, marv, yeeha, and stuff like that. Cos my all-time fave game is here once more. Once more can I sit in awe oever the bouncy sprites, the terrific sonics and the devilish addictiveness which are Manic Miner.

A legend in anyone's lifetme, this game is a must for anyone not already in possession of a copy, and at under three coins is cheaper than going to the museum!


Presentation 88%
Jolly screens, a chirpy intro and heavenly controls.

Graphics 89%
Wonderfully atmospheric and funny. A tad small but exceptionally well animated and colourful.

Sound 67%
Too few sound effects, and a screechy title tune set the tone to a tee.

Hookability 96%
So easy to get into, yet you'll stick to it like it was Superglue, it's that addictive.

Lastability 94%
So frustrating, but you'll thoroughly enjoy having your brain turned into putty.

Overall 95%
Only Willy can do it. A classic title, and a steal at the price.