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Home Computing Weekly

Manic Miner
By Software Projects
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #50

This game is excellent, not perfect, not incapable of improvement, but definitely top class. It's not even totally new as it was translated from a Spectrum program. But the C64's sprites, colour, graphics and sound are all used to produce this remarkable piece of software.

The concept is in the Crazy Kong mould, but there are 20 screens to negotiate. The assortment of obstacles to be jumped over, platforms to be leapt from and pitfalls to avoid is the product of an extremely fertile mind.

Unfortunately, the first screen is one of the hardest and since there is no choice of starting screen, I can only comment on the first half dozen. Once you sort out exactly where and when you make your moves, it's a case of maintaining your reactions and concentration. Mine usually desert me at the vital moment. It does have a pause facility, music on/off option and choice of keyboard or joystick control, all useful features. A work of warning: it takes 14 minutes to load! Mind you, it's worth waiting for.


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