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Manchester United
By Krisalis
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #58

Manchester United

Ready for the cliche of the eon? Football is a game of two halves, or at least it is in the case of Manchester United. here you're a manager and joystick juggling striker simultaneously. And what's more, you can play either a full management sim or just the arcade leg.

As management sims go, Manchester United offers little that's new. It's icon-driven and gives a vast range of options to keep the accountants happy. And there's enough going on to make sure you appreciate the pressure young Ally Fergusson was under...

The arcade section is nothing to shout about. Viewed from overhead, it's another in a long line of soccer games. Not a particularly fast game, everybody's easy to control and that's the important bit. The opposition isn't hard to beat, but it's unfair to judge this section as a stand alone, because it's an integral part of the Manchester United package.

The major hardship to be endured with Manchester United is the tape version. As the game flips between arcade and management this means repeated loading and reloading. No problems on disk, but on tape it takes a lifetime!

Overall, there are no complaints, but neither side of the package excels. The management competition isn't the most complex of its kind, but is far from being a slouch. The arcade section is no third-division pretender either, but is left standing by Italy 1990. Manchester United won't win any silverware this season but they give a better account of themselves than certain Merseyside computer teams you could mention!

Second Opinion

Credible, but dull.

First Day Target Score

Not applicable.

Green Screen View



Graphics 66%
P. Clear icons.
N. Scrolling jolts on pitch.

Sonics 60%
P. Great tune, but little else.

Grab Factor 55%
P. Two games in one.
N. Two loads in one!

Staying Power 65%
P. Can you last longer than Bobby Robson?

Overall 61%
P. No classic, but tolerable!

Trenton Webb

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